As a volunteer at Explore UT 2018, I was given the opportunity to design posters for the School of Design and Creative Technologies. I aided professors from the Design department in instructing visitors on how to use printing presses that our department houses as a part of the Rob Roy Kelly Type collection, on loan from the Blanton Museum of Art. While we didn't use wood type from the collection, we did create polymer plates from my design to use for the activity.
We took time showing large and small groups of visitors how the presses worked, doing demonstrations, and finally, allowing them to print and take home a poster of their own with my design on it. I was able to help direct the experience as well as provide help to the fastest growing school in the College of Fine Arts at UT. It was an exercise in both graphic design, because I wanted to create materials that worked well with the existing logo of SDCT while keeping the work original, showing a bit of my own design tastes and personality, and ensuring the composition remained visually balanced.
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