After being given the instructions to create a web-native project in a Drawing class, I came up with the idea to create something interesting and purposeful. 
The term "fast fashion" refers to the increasing speed at which designs move from the runway to stores in order to keep up with current trends. The negative impact that the demand for quickly produced clothing has on those living in developed countries is often overlooked. 
I both love to sew and to be conscious about the ethics of the products I consume, and used this as an opportunity to educate others. Using symbolism and interesting, uncanny images, I created a simple flash game that allows players to dress up a toon version of myself with clothing from my own closet. As a child, my younger sister and I often spent time on doll dress up websites, and those memories inspired the format of my project.
The visual inconsistency between the cartoon dress up doll and the photographs of the items is intended to highlight the disconnect between many first-world people and what we put on our bodies, and the drag and drop dress-up is symbolic of the speed at which trends come and go, and clothes are 'in' or 'out' There is also a button with a short text discussing my thoughts on the subject in general and linking to resources for more information on ethical clothing. Below is a link to download the game (it runs in Adobe Flash Player).
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