A handmade book based on a well-known debate between Dutch graphic designers Jan Van Toorn and Wim Crouwel. With the only requirement for the assignment being to include every piece of text from the transcript of the conversation, I set to work creating a book that was less focused on text and more on the idea of duality, as well as using the work of the designers to help visualize the results of the theories and practices each creator argued for during the debate. 
To physically represent the theme of duality I was experiencing throughout their argument, I decided to make a double-bound book with statements from Wim Crouwel and Jan Van Toorn separated on either side. Each statement corresponds to the one facing it. Instead of printing images of work directly on the pages,  I made the choice to make the book with french fold pages that allowed 11x17 cropped samples to be folded and place inside and be seen peeking out of the top and in small cutout windows that mirrored each other, building further on the idea of duality, adding dimension to the book (quite literally), and giving a touch of color to each page's composition.
Because this debate was such an iconic moment in the history of graphic design, I wanted the book to feel like it had a place both now and in that moment.  I intentionally chose a humanist Dutch typeface for the body copy because of both designer's backgrounds, and bound the book in a hardcover to make it feel more sturdy and give it a sense that it had longevity, while the book being more focused on human interaction with materials and structure than the exact content of the body text helps it to feel more contemporary. My hope was to engage the reader and inspire them to interact with a familiar form in an unfamiliar or new and engaging way.
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