As a member of wkrm Design, I was part of a team effort to rebrand the financial planning blog The Vantage; two other designers and I each created options for logos, banners, and business cards for the website. The website is intended to provide basic financial advice for everyone from recent college graduates to young professionals interested in learning about investment portfolios. The Vantage was interested in revamping its website, and wanted to rebrand along with it.
 I chose to use stacked triangle shapes that reference the vantage's old logo that included a mountain, and used the one skewed triangle to create visual interest and represent how the 'vantage point' that the blog views things from deviates from more traditional financial advice. Mr Eaves XL Mod OT is the font I chose, because I thought a geometric sans serif would go well with the geometric shapes in the logo. I used a color pallette that had different shades of blue, a color that is associated with calmness and responsibility, something people want when seeking financial advice. The tagline was a shortened version of my own interpretation of the site's about page description.
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